Escobars Angels

OnlyFans Marketing and Management Agency

About Us

Who We Are

Escobars Angels is a Swiss Based OnlyFans Agency. Dedicated to getting our models into the top 2.5% of OnlyFans Creators

Why do you need an agency?

The average OnlyFans model only earns around 180$ monthly, our models earn an average of 4-8k monthly after commissions. 100% of 200$ or 50% of 8,000$ What would you rather have?

Pricing Structure

In terms of pricing, let's say a model already has an existing account and is earning around 5k monthly. We would count that 5K to be fully for the model since that is what she is already earning monthly on average. If we start working with that same model and we push the account from 5k to 15k monthly for example, then we would take 50% of that 10K since our services were the result of that increase but we would not count that initial average 5k the model was earning before working with with us in our calculations.

What We Do

◉ Build you a unique persona for a niche that you are ok with doing◉ Schedule and manage existing OnlyFans Accounts (posting, messaging and up-sales)◉ Social Media Marketing on multiple social fronts (Instagram, Reddit, TikTok and a lot more)◉ Available to assist our models for any reason at any time 24/7

Case Studies

Browse around in our achieved successes

Some people may say your dreams are unrealistic...

We'd like to challenge that idea.

Stay Anonymous

You will get a new persona name, a new identity and we GEO Block all countries and locations you want. You don't even have to show your face if you are ok with making less. Nobody you know will find out unless you want them to.

A Minimal Workload

A flexible work schedule that is fully remote. Our models only work an average of 1 hour a day and earn a full time income.

No Nudity Needed

Get more by giving less of yourself. None of our models do any kind of nudity on their accounts.

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